One to One Business Session with Buyers

What’s One to One Business Session?

Don’t wait at your booth, Go to see right people.
This is a chance of make one to one meeting with well-known buyers or planner at private room.
First of all exhibitor download application form from official website, then pick up buyers and fill in the application forms for each entry.
Please send them with product pictures or look book or line sheet to Secretariat by e-mail.
After that Secretariat send those to buyers for screening.
Secretariat notice only passer date, time and room. The time is limited 30 min, Do your best and grab the chance at JFW-IFF/ FBS.

Participation Condition
  • ▶JFW-IFF Exhibitors
  • ▶Only OEM company of FBS Exhibitors
Qualification Requirements
This program will not guarantee the completion of the deal.
Trade terms and conditions should be decided in the session.


STEP1:APPLICATION [Dead line: Thursday, May 28]
DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM Please download an application form via official website of JFW-IFF or FBS. Fill in the forms for each buyers with whom you would like to have meeting, Then send it to secretariat with picture of products. Please note that the materials submitted is non-returnable
STEP2:Screening by Buyers [Mid – Late June]
Prior screening by Buyers will be made according to the application materials.
STEP3:Notice of date and time [Begging of July]
Secretariats notice only passer date, time and room by email.
STEP4:Prepare for the presentation [Begging of July]
STEP5:Don't be late for the appointment [During the show]
Make sure not to leave the booth absent while the session. This session is within 30min, do not over time.
STEP6:Follow up [After the show]
Sending follow up mail is a key to success. You should send it as soon as possible. In case you have a plan to come to Japan, Make appointment in advance.

Buyers in the July 2015 exhibitionAs of April 28, 2015

About 20 retailers will be participated.
Newest information will be shown on the website at any time.

  • Mitsukoshi Isetan
  • Marui
  • Right-on Co.,Ltd.
  • Sogo Seibu
  • Shibuya Parco
  • Shimamura Co., Ltd. / Avail Co., Ltd.
  • Takashimaya
  • ACCES Co., Ltd.
  • Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores
  • Matsuya Co.,Ltd.
  • Amazon Japan
  • JR East Japan Station Retailing Co.,Ltd
  • mash style lab Co.,Ltd. / mash sport lab Co., Ltd.
  • Ito-Yokado Co.,Ltd.

3 keys to success

Prepare interpreter
Japanese buyer might not be speak English. It is better to hire Interpreter.
Cost is depends on language and skills, please contact Secretariat for more details.
Propose export condition
Propose export conditions,
minimum amount and terms of payment clearly.
Keep in touch with buyers on a regular basis
Keep in touch with buyers and giving them time to consider.
You should be patient and keep contact is the most important factor for success.



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